Regulatory and Compliance

Product Classification and SDS Authoring

By Law suppliers of chemicals must provide an up to date Safety Data Sheet (SDS) if a substance or mixture is dangerous for supply. SDS are key documents in the safe supply, handling and use of chemicals and provides information on the measures that should be taken in the case of an emergency. Creating and maintaining comprehensive, updated SDSs that conform to complex and changing regulations worldwide is a challenging and resource intensive task.

Neatcrown have implemented a safety classification and SDS authoring system in order to provide the resource to produce high quality Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in-house in 39 languages and global formats. Our technical team have a wide-ranging knowledge of CLP and REACH regulations and are members of the Chemical Hazards Communication Society (CHCS).

At Neatcrown customers receive the reassurance that their data remains confidential, and that the Chemists authoring the Safety Data Sheets can also offer advice should there be scope to lower the product classification through reformulation, or review of concentration limits.