Contract Packing

Neatcrown are an established contract packer, offering a flexible service to fulfil your liquid and powder packing requirements.  Our high-speed packing lines provide packaging solutions to meet customer specifications over a range of packaging types, at volumes of 100 ml up to 1000 Litres.  We can pack direct from our manufacturing tanks or from IBCs and we can repack any existing finished products into new packaging configurations.  

Investment in a customised packing line, together with vacuum lifters and induction sealing ensures the safe and efficient capability of filling 1 litre to 20 litre containers. 

Whether you require liquid or powder filling, reworking or relabeling, Neatcrown can assist to meet your packaging needs.

  • Advanced filling equipment for a range of bottle styles and volumes from 100ml bottles to 1000L.
  • Induction sealing capability providing airtight seals where required for tamper evident packaging, leakage protection and shelf life extension.
  • Inkjet coding onto packaging capable of printing multiple lines of text for batch codes and dates as required for full traceability.
  • High speed labeling or sleeving making products ready for consumer and retail use.
  • Hand packing for flexibility of combination packing if required.
  • Re-labeling and rework of finished products