Commitment to Quality

Our Quality Policy Statement

Meeting the quality expectations of our customers is a priority for us. To win customer’s confidence and loyalty, we need to consistently deliver products of excellent quality. By applying consistently high standards, we’re able to do things right first time, reduce waste, reduce costs and drive value creation.

Our Quality Policy Statement includes the 4 principles that all employees at Neatcrown follow to ensure that we are recognised and trusted for our integrity, the quality of the products we manufacture, and the high standards we set.

The Safety of our Products and our Customers comes first

We have stringent quality standards in place against which compliance is verified through regular audits and self-assessments; fulfilling the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 and statutory law. These standards ensure that we manufacture and supply products that are safe and of excellent quality.

Customers are at the heart of our business

We actively engage our customers, translating their needs and requirements; creating consumer value. This is at the very heart of our communication process.

Quality is a Shared Responsibility

Quality and consumer safety is the responsibility of every Neatcrown employee. Neatcrown demonstrates visible and consistent leadership to meet this quality policy. The drive for quality, in all that we do, is a passion reflected in our manufacturing and customer service processes.

Building and Maintaining Excellent Safety and Quality Systems.

We are proactively and continuously developing our systems and processes to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire value chain. We provide appropriate training and resources and will ensure that we deliver our quality objectives and targets. We regularly measure and improve our performance using both internal and external measures. We are continuously scanning our internal and external environment for risks and opportunities; helping Neatcrown to anticipate and develop future quality capability requirements